3 Great Vacation Destinations to Get Away for Awhile

Life has a funny way of telling you it’s time to take a break. This might be one stressful day at work too many, pulling your hair out over dealing with traffic, or having to review the roof insurance claim process after a storm rolled over your house. Whatever the reason, you need to get away–take a vacation to relieve some of the built-up stress that is dragging you down. But what to do? There are so many places to visit and explore within the country, and even more outside of it, but let’s just stick within the states to make things easy. So what are some great vacation destinations to get away for awhile?


If you don’t mind a little snow in your boots, the state offers several ski resorts where you can shred through the white tundra and stay in warm cabins. Wanting to connect with nature? Visit Rocky Mountain National Park, where you can observe wildlife, lakes, forests, mountains, and meadows. You can camp, ride horses, or just explore the countless trails the park has to offer. You can get different experiences depending on the seasons, so plan your trip accordingly.

Washington, D.C.

Full of rich history, D.C. has plenty of different sites to keep you entertained. There are numerous museums, some of which have free admission, which are both interesting as well as enlightening–the Smithsonian of Natual History, Smithsonian of Air and Space, Smithsonian of American History, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the National Art Gallery, the International Spy Museum, and so many more. During certain times, you can also get a tour of the White House, the Capitol, and the Washington Monument. If you enjoy learning about the country’s past and want a more relaxed vacation, this is the place to visit.


You’re going to need your sunscreen for this one. Hawaii is often referred to as one of the best tourist destinations in the United States. You can hike national parks with volcanoes, swim with the dolphins and manta rays, go snorkeling with sea turtles, visit waterfalls, observe botanical gardens, and close the night off with a hula show and fire dancers, all while staying in an exotic resort or native home. While fairly expensive, you won’t get an experience like this anywhere else in the country.

Ending Thoughts

Whether you decide to go barreling down a snowy mountain or opt to lay out in the sun sipping on a coconut, these are all great vacation options when you’re needing to getaway. If none of these interest you, don’t worry; there are many other destinations to visit, like Florida, California, and Arizona. The only real challenge is deciding where to go!