5 Luxury Breaks You’ll Never Forget


Reward yourself with a luxurious travel experience! You deserve it to have a respite from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Stay in a nice hotel; go on a culinary feast, and vacation like a king. If you have no idea how to do it, learn from some of our suggestions.

Castle Stay in Ireland

When in Ireland, you will have a wide selection of hotels. To make the most out of your holiday, however, ditch traditional accommodations in favour of a lavish castle. This is the perfect way to experience living like a royalty. These castles are beautiful not only from the outside, but even on the inside. They have antique furniture, working kitchens, libraries, formal gardens, and other luxurious amenities that you can enjoy sans the crowd.

Water Villa Holiday in the Maldives

This is one of the best destinations for people who love the sun, sea, and sand. Unlike other beach destinations, in the Maldives, you do not have to stay in towering hotels built in chaotic cities. Each resort is situated on its own private island. You should stay in a water villa, which is the pinnacle of exclusivity. These villas can even be fitted with their own pools. You can jump straight into the clear water. There are also tons of exciting activities that you can enjoy, such as diving and kayaking.

Rent a Chalet in the Austrian Alps

If you are looking for a luxury break where you can experience the best of winter, Chalet N is the most luxurious choice of accommodation. You can expect the best personal service in this accommodation. The pillows will even be engraved with your initials. It is equipped with a heated pool, which has underwater music. To make the experience even more luxurious, you get to enjoy skis that are made by Porsche. Best of all, it comes with a private wine cellar.

City Break in Dubai

If you want to go on a vacation like a billionaire, Dubai is one of the destinations that should be part of your bucket list. Burj Al Arab is one of the best places where you can stay. This 7-star all-suite hotel glitters with gold interiors and colourful designs. It is home to top-notch restaurants for the best dining experiences. Palm Jumeriah, a collection of manmade islands, will also be worth seeing, especially its hotels and casinos. If you are looking for a thrilling activity, make sure to try skydiving. Shopping for the best designer brands will also add up to the reasons why this should be next on your travel wish list.

Safari in Tanzania

Africa is known for its safari adventures, but Tanzania is unrivalled in terms of beauty and diversity. Singita Serengeti House should be on the top of your list. Here, you do not have to look out for animals, but they will be the ones looking after you. The resort is available for exclusive-use only, which makes it excellent if you want privacy. It has a stunning infinity pool, wherein you can swim with rhinos in your backdrop. The price is all-inclusive, which also include luxurious spa treatments.

Skiing in Verbier 
With a year by year guaranteed great snow record, Verbier is an amazing ski resort. Luxury wooden buildings, designer shops and multi lingual ski guides make this resort highly popular and keeps the skiers coming back year after year. The only way to truly experience the resort is by renting one of Tempston Luxury’s chalets in Verbier. Catering, swimming pools, hottubs, cinema rooms and all of the other in house facilities make this area an A-List vacation.