6 Perfect Holiday Hotspots for You and Your Partner

Perfect Holiday

Thanks to the boom in budget air travel and the increased accessibility to airports the continent over, jetting off somewhere sexy in Europe is now easier than ever. Here we take a look at six perfect holiday hotspots for you and your partner. Fun and romance is just around the corner.


Perfect Holiday

No list fit for couples searching for a euphoric European experience could ever be complete without first mentioning the French capital.

Paris, the City of Lights, breathes romance and adventure at every turn. Iconic, with cinematic architecture in all corners of the city, this place offers up options for all types of tastes and all kinds of budgets.

From exquisite Michelin starred restaurants to bohemian street cafés, art galleries like the epic Louvre by day to the infamous Moulin Rouge after dark, this place has something for everyone.


Now we venture a little further afield, to the far reaches of the Mediterranean and the spoils of the once great and glorious Greek empire.

Whether the people of old Greece knew about Santorini’s stunning beaches and took it on themselves to lounge at its sumptuous swimming pools like we do in the present, one thing’s for sure, this is a destination fit for the Gods.

The best way to live it up in Santorini? Spend the evening at a local taverna enjoying Greek Souvlaki, Moussaka or any of the many other mouth watering dishes this country has to offer, all while washing it down with a cold glass of white wine.

Trust us, your partner will thank you.


Perfect holiday

Prague has many names; The city of spires. The crown of the world. To us, however, it’s mainly just plain old Prague.

Yet there’s nothing plain about this European wonder at all. Tread its ancient city walks and you’ll see just how special, just how magisterial, this UNESCO-heritage designated European capital can be.

What’s even better about this Czech wonder? The sheer value for money you’ll get here. It’s here you’ll pay far less for top quality food and entertainment than you would in other global cities.

Aix les Bains

If it’s a spa experience you and your other half are after, you could do a lot worse than hide yourselves away in this southerly French destination.

In Aix les Bains it’s you who gets to choose just how active or chilled you wish to take your trip. So aside from all the relaxation on offer you can move things a little higher tempo too. Activities like wakeboarding, boat tours and other water-orientated sports, means the chance to mix it up is always on the horizon.

Just as well that the natural surroundings are up to par too.


Perfect Holiday

Perhaps not the cheapest of destinations, there’s no other European city that better defines the idea about great quality coming at great expense.

London, for its part, isn’t so far off the spectrum for couples planning a romantic break or trip away for two though. From budget option hotels to free museums and plenty of open events, there’s a wealth of things to see and do in the British capital and most of them don’t command that much of a heavy price at all.

Jump on a tube or take a walk through one of the cities many parks. Spend time cruising quirky street stalls or the decadent shop floors that make up Harrods. London never fails to deliver.


An area of such outstanding beauty and wonder that it simply has to be seen to be believed, Bergen, known as the Gateway to the Fjords, is one heck of a recommendation to round this list off.

It’s here you can see the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), a once in a lifetime experience that neither you, nor the lucky someone you have in tow, are ever likely to forget.

Bergen itself is also rammed with history and tradition. Stroll around the streets and check out the old wooden houses where people traditionally lived for centuries or visit the aquarium and encounter native penguins and seals.

This is the place to do all that and more. These hotspots have it all; love, romance, beauty and style. The only thing that awaits is you.