6 Sin Cities From Around The World

When choosing a travel destination for the holidays, tourists usually look for cities where they can enjoy a quiet and relaxing family vacation. But there are also cities that don’t necessarily provide this type of experience. They are destined for the adventure seeker and are haven for the little devil inside every one of us. Be it gambling, cheap alcohol or prostitution, the following sin cities have them all:

Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Dubbed Sin City, Las Vegas is definitely the main hot spot for tourists coming for naughty fun in the U.S.A. Nevada is the only state in the country where gambling and prostitution is legalized and also regulated. Thus, Las Vegas is one of the sin cities in the country, featuring, night bars, cabarets and hundreds of casinos. In addition to those attractions they also have a plethera of strip clubs and adult theaters, making it a haven for the playful dark side of every tourist. However, be advised, as it can get quite expensive, but what can you expect in a city where everyone is having fun?

Jakarta, Indonesia

One less suspected city amongst what one would consider a ‘sin city’.  Jakarta is  one of the most populous cities in the world. With an abundance of places to party and meet local girls. You can easily have as much casual fun as you please while sailing under the radar of the strict Islamic laws the country enforces. Unfortunately, like most of the sin cities in this list, all forms of gambling in Indonesia are highly illegal. However, a great option for those tourists who want to try their luck on the roulette tables is to check out M88 review to try online gambling.


Tokyo, Japan

Japan is famous for its high end electronics and gadgets, as well as for the astonishing Buddhist temples. But on the naughty side of tourism, Japan boasts one of the most attractive sinful industries, fit for any tourist looking for fun. The girls are exotic, the food is exotic, and the customs are also different from western nations. Europeans and Americans will truly enjoy the Asian playfulness and wicked ways of the Japanese. Attractions include one-hour stay hotels, niche brothels and doll hotels.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – the sinful European destination

Amsterdam is the city where the experienced naughty travelers come. Its Red Light District is known worldwide as a major tourist attraction and its red tinted windows are as famous as the wooden shoes, which tourists often buy as souvenirs. Being a very popular western destination, prices are somewhat higher than other locations, but the diversity is absolutely impressive. You can find girls from Eastern Europe, Middle East, Eastern Asia or even South America. Also, Amsterdam is a haven for the light drugs enthusiasts, with shops and dealers selling marijuana at every corner.

Mombasa, Kenya – Africa at its finest

Kenya is considered the main tourist destination for the naughty traveler coming in Africa. The seaside resort city of Mombasa is a popular destination for tourists, couples or families, coming for a relaxing vacation on the shores of the Indian Ocean. But beware, as by night, the streets become a devil’s playground. European and American male tourists scour the alleys and beach promenades in search of young Kenyan women. And there are plenty to choose from, and fortunately, very cheap. The downside however is that the AIDS epidemic is ravishing the country, with an estimated one million affected, so everyone looking for fun must wear adequate protection.

Cartagena, Colombia – for the latino lover inside you

This city located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea is widely known as the capital of the Colombian thriving sex industry. Tourists looking for cheap sexual services will find the Colombian experience delightful. Every gringo (western foreigner), simply by entering a cab, will be asked by the driver whether he wants a girl for the night. It’s that easy. And, more importantly, it’s quite safe, as many girls work alone and you won’t get into any hustle with the notorious Colombian mafia.