6 Things You Should Do When Injured in a Florida Hotel

When visiting Florida, the last thing you expect is an injury at your favorite hotel. Sustaining severe injuries in a hotel is disorienting and can cost you a fortune in medical bills.

If the injury resulted from another person or party’s negligence, you should not have to bear the consequences of those injuries on your own. Here is what to do when injured in a Florida Hotel.

When to Involve a Personal Injury Lawyer

In any type of premises liability claim, the culpable party is usually the owner of the property on which you fell or were otherwise injured. Florida state laws, as well as other factors, can influence whether you have the right to bring a personal injury claim against the property owner.

Many people lose personal injury claims simply because they take the project on with no prior experience. To avoid this unfortunate predicament, it is wise to seek legal advice at every step of your lawsuit. Contact a professional injury lawyer who will work doggedly in your best interest while petitioning for your rightful compensation.

What Should You Do When Injured in a Florida Hotel?

1. Inform the Management

As soon as you sustain your injury in the hotel premises, reach out to the relevant management and let them know what caused your injury and the extent to which you are hurt. There witness testimony will strengthen your case when you pursue civil action.

2. Seek Medical Help

Always seek medical attention immediately after an accident. Although the temptation to prioritize your daily schedule over visiting a medic might be powerful, injuries do not always present themselves immediately but still pose a great threat to your health. This action also provides documentation of your injuries which will be used as evidence in your claim.

3. Stick to Facts

Whatever happens, do not alter the facts surrounding your injuries. Although some facts may feel embarrassing to share, changing the facts can bring your honesty into question if caught. This will only jeopardize your compensation. The insurance lawyers may use your wrong facts against you to thwart your case.

4. Get an Accident Report

As soon as the management has filed a report on the accident, be sure to keep a copy. It will prove helpful when collecting evidence for your case and help to ensure you get proper compensation for your losses, pain, and suffering.

5. Contact Witnesses

If your injury occurred in a public space such as the reception or stairwell, chances are goodt someone saw it happen. If so, try to collect their contact information to help fortify your future civil action. Having a witness in your case is invaluable and could make it much more believable.

6. Preserve Evidence

Evidence is key to any legal case. It is very helpful to preserve any relevant evidence from the incident and your injuries. This includes photographs, medical reports, prescriptions, and other documents that may prove the losses you suffered.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

If you have ever sustained injuries from a hotel in Florida, you may be afraid to return or even spend time in any hotel room. Don’t let fear hold you back in life. Most hotels maintain strict safety precautions, and in the event of an accident, most of them are very amicable and ready to help you receive treatment. Pack up your bags and head down to Florida without fear or worry in your heart.