A few things that will happen to you on your trip

When you decide to go on a trip, be it long or short there are a few things that will always happen that you do not plan for. These can be both positive or negative, but they always add to the memories of the trip. Most of the time these events do not impact on your trip to greatly but every now and then they can cause a huge hindrance or positive to the overall experience. There are a couple of things you can try and do to help elevate some problems which may be caused but others are simply out of your control. In these cases, it is best to except what has happened and move on to enjoying the rest of your journey.  We’ll look at some common travel issues and how you can try to avoid them or make the situation a little better.

There will be a delay:

No matter what you do, at some point on one of your trips there will be a delay, more so especially in less developed countries. They do not have the planning or infrastructure more developed countries have and so this is just part of life. The main things to do at this point is to develop a good sense of patience as sometimes there is simply noting you can do except wait for the next travel opportunity. If you are in a rush, such as for a flight there are always other travel options to get you to your destination if you can afford the added cost. If it is due to weather conditions then this is out of everyone’s control and it would be best to simply enjoy your surroundings and the company you have.

Loss of property:

There is nothing much worse than losing your property especially important items such as passports or electronics. But everyone at some stage has lost something on a trip, be it clothing or something more important. The best way to avoid this is to lock valuables away in a safe or bag and if you do have to carry them out, use a fanny pack or concealed bag. This keeps it closer to you and hides it from prying eyes. Always remember whatever you have lost can be replaced. It might be a hassle but it is not the end of the world. The important aspect is your health and you have the contact the correct people to get your items replaced

You will have fun

Even if disaster happens to strike you will have already had fun, or will have fun after the incident. Most things which occur are only temporary so there isn’t much point in letting it over shadow the rest of your trip. Enjoy the moments you are there and worry about everything else only when it is necessary.

These are just three little things that will happen to you at some stage no matter what kind of journey you are on. Sometimes they will have a major impact and other times you will barely notice them.