A Guide to NYC’s Musical Past and Present from Arlo Hotel

New York City is the center of art, finance, and theatre, and it’s no surprise it’s also a focal point for music. Scores of amazing musicians have come from the five boroughs and visiting New York City is a music lovers dream. At Arlo Hotel we welcome many musically inclined guests who want to experience the city’s musical history and highlights.

A first tip for these guests is to simply experience the city as a symphony. We mean to take in all of the traffic sounds, people walking, construction, and other parts of the city as their own musical beats that have inspired locals and visitors alike for decades.

After COVID-19 restrictions fade, music lovers will again flock to Radio City Music Hall. One of the most famous live music venues in the world, this beloved stage has wowed audiences since its opening in 1932. Featuring nearly 6,000 seats, the Radio City Music Hall is both grand and intimate, giving audiences a great evening with their favorite musical entertainers.

Another iconic Manhattan venue we love at Arlo SoHo NYC Hotel is 1,200 capacity Irving Plaza, located in the Union Square neighborhood. This venue has hosted many famous acts including the B-52s, Talking Heads, the Ramones, many British bands, and various others. It’s the premier spot for punk and new wave bands that shaped modern music.

Across the Brooklyn Bridge there’s Avant Gardner, an outdoor space occupying 80,000 square feet in East Williamsburg. This venue features several stages, including the outdoor The Brooklyn Mirage which combine to create the biggest entertainment venue in Brooklyn.

Tourists to NYC also seek out the residences of famous musicians, including The Dakota, a co-op building on the Upper West Side that was the previous home (and location of the tragic death) of John Lennon and Walter Becker, the co-founder of Steely Dan.