A Music Lover’s Guide to New York City

Most people enjoy listening to music, whether it be while exercising or listening to the radio during their morning commute. True music lovers, however, are a different breed. Their tastes are diverse and endless. They prefer to discover new things and listen to music constantly. Traveling revolves around experiencing music from around the globe.

New York City is a place that is rich in musical culture and may become a music lover’s muse after just one visit. Here are a few must-see places for music lovers venturing to the Big Apple.

Strawberry Fields

If music lovers are a different breed, then Beatles fans make up their own, separate category within that breed. That’s why music lovers and Beatles fans alike should take a moment to reflect on an important piece of musical history by visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park.

This 2.5-acre piece of land in Central Park features a stone monument with the word “Imagine” as a tribute to the late John Lennon. The memorial was created by Bruce Kelly and was dedicated to Lennon on what would have been his 45th birthday. The spot is significant as it is near his apartment, where he was shot and killed in 1980.

Stay at the Chelsea Hotel

New York City is filled with different interesting places for you to rest your head at night. However, the Chelsea Hotel might be most appealing to music lovers. This famous destination was the resting spot for musical legends, like Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and Madonna. Leonard Cohen even wrote a song called “Chelsea Hotel #2” about his time there.

If staying at the Chelsea Hotel isn’t feasible–it’s been closed and reopened a few times recently–be sure to stop by and pay tribute to this rest stop for rare individuals.

The Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater is an absolute must-see for music lovers in the Big Apple. Located in the Manhattan neighborhood of Harlem, this spot is where legendary musicians started their careers, often on amateur nights. Greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin have sung their hearts out at the Apollo, and you can feel the echoes of their greatness when you walk through the doors.

While you’re in Harlem, be sure to check out the different attractions that showcase the historical significance–particularly in the African American culture– of the area.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall is a historically significant concert hall in Manhattan. Built in 1891, this hall seats over 2,000 people on five separate levels overlooking the stage. Classic artists like Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, and the Beatles have played at Carnegie along with numerous orchestras and symphonies. Today it is still an honor to be able to step on the stage and have your voice heard, regardless of skill level or background.

Visit Bargemusic

Experience something completely different from what you’re used to when you visit Bargemusic, located on the East River. This floating concert hall features classical music with stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan, especially in the evening.

Seek Out a Local Show

If you tire of seeing attractions that are historically significant in the world of music, find something to experience in the now. See what local bars and nightclubs in your area are featuring live music during your visit.

Think outside the box and go to a musical event that is outside your comfort zone. Discover something new and amazing, so you can say “I heard them back before they were famous” during your next trip to the Big Apple. The Stone in the East Village is a great source of new music, while the servers at Ellen’s Stardust Diner are known to randomly burst into song.

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