Adrenaline-fixing travel destinations for thrill seekers


As a thrill-loving adventurer, your vacation takes more than lying in the sun and sipping umbrella drinks. You want heart-stopping water sports, extreme mountain trekking, thundering waterfalls, dense forests and nature safaris. We’re giving you some adrenaline-fixing destinations around the world to satisfy your innermost thrill seeker.

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Blowhole diving in Australia or Mexico

Want to experience the thrill of exploring the seabed? Try out the blow hole diving in Australia or Mexico. In Australia, for instance, you can do diving from Lady Elliot Island, an awesome place for diving, where you can simply relax for a few days. A blow hole has the depth of around 15 meters and then turns into a 20-meter horizontal tunnel to a big cave. You’ll discover rays, moray eels, turtles, various fish, colorful corals, and the occasional shark.

Devil’s pool swimming in Victoria Falls

This surreal adventure destination is located in Zambia and offers a true adrenaline upshot for daredevils. Impressions and emotions will last a lifetime. Not everyone dares to swim in the Devil’s Pool since it’s located at the edge of Victoria Falls. Imagine lying in a pool next to water falling down from a height of 128 meters.


Paragliding in New Zealand, Jungfrau, Switzerland, or Queenstown

 If you want to fly, paragliding in any of these places is the best way to get an overwhelming rush of adrenaline. This relatively new sport is becoming more popular each year. Paragliders can rise to a height of two to three thousand meters above ground while carrying out flight routes over long distances. This extreme sport has very high safety level, thanks to modern equipment and trained gliders.

Rickshaw rush in India

Rickshaw is the main type of transportation in India. It is a three-wheeled motorcycle wherein after bargaining with the driver, can take you to any distance or region. The thrill here is hard and long and shaking ride. If you love speed and aren’t afraid of a few abrasions, Rickshaw running in India is a fun and exciting experience.

Whale shark diving in Australia

Diving with whale sharks in Australia lets you encounter whale sharks face to face on the Dangerous Reef or on Ningaloo Reef as well as the Sibley islands and Little English. It’s necessary to have a large ship and tons of bait (sea fish or sea lions) to see whale sharks by diving. The awesome spectacle begins when the sharks finally emerge from the ocean depths. Sharks have differing personalities, some will proudly sail by, and others can barely restrain their fury to the cages with tourists.


Whitewater stand up paddle boarding in Colorado

Love sports? Standup paddle boarding in Colorado, USA is a real, extreme adventure. This includes numerous obstacles: barrels, walls, waterfalls, heaters. To feel the adrenaline, you can perform simple alloy or alloy with numerous acrobatic tricks. Experts can try their hand against a competition on a specially made track.

Final Words

As most of the activities above are innately risky, you need to protect yourself from any disaster that may occur – and this includes more than the risk of above activities – lost baggage, passport issues, natural disasters, and sickness can happen and spoil your adventure. Submitting travel insurance claims is easier if you get the right package and do the research yourself.

Which adventure are you most interested in? Share it with us in the comments below!