Best Apps for Traveling

Technology has completely changed the way in which we travel, the way we buy tickets for travel, the locations that we travel too and the people that we meet when we travel. When you go traveling all you need now is to have an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet and you can pretty much do anything. Applications are the best way forward and we want to take a look at some of the best apps that you should be downloading before you head off on your travels.


Google Maps

Far and away the map application, Google maps features more locations and places of interest than any other map application. Cleverly, the app also ties in with Google’s search engine to give you plenty of information about the places you are heading to. If you are going to be without internet and need directions, you can search for directions when you have internet and then the GPS in your phone will still help you to follow the directions in the app.


If you are a frequent traveller then you’ll find all you need in this handy app. Triples stores all of your travel itinerary from hotels, flights, trains, busses and everything in between, not only can you keep up to speed with what is happening but your family can also keep an eye on your itinerary. The app scans your email inbox and instantly uploads any booking confirmations into the Tripcase app.

Happy Cow

Being a vegan can be tough when you’re on the road, finding places that sell the food you can enjoy isn’t easy, thankfully there is an app that makes finding vegan friendly restaurants easy, Happy Cow. The app has a huge range of restaurants in its index and covers almost every country in the World, if you’re vegan or vegetarian then you need this app.

Live Trekker

This super cool app creates a journal of your travels, it puts map tracking on and allow you to add details about the places that you’ve been. You are able to add voice memos, notes or full articles so that when you get home you will have a full history of the travels that you took, where you went and what the experience was like.

Wolfram Sun Exposure

This great app will keep you away from the sun at the worst times and can avoid you from having problems, the last thing you need when traveling is to have to use your travel insurance on a trip to the local hospital for sunstroke. The app lets you record your skin type and then it calculates how much time you should spend in the sun and at what times you should be out in it. The app regularly checks the weather and will give you alerts when you should be covering up or putting more sunscreen on, the app is particularly useful for those with children, nobody wants to get sunburnt so you should use this app to remove the danger.