Best Europe Packages For Your Dream Vacation

Europe is every backpacker’s dream. With its beautiful cities, gorgeous countryside and diverse culture, the continent is on almost everyone’s bucket list. And while most people backpack through the continent, travelling on the Eurorail, staying at inexpensive hotels and hitchhiking between cities, there are also a number of travel packages that one can opt for, if you are looking for a more relaxing and luxurious vacation in Europe. For one, there is no dearth of places where you can go to. Whether it is the fjords and Northern Lights of Scandinavia or the Volga river cruises, Europe has powerful experiences to offer. Here is a list of the best Europe packages out there and complete details about them:

1. Morocco Tour

While technically not it Europe, the former French colony and thoroughly Mediterranean country has rich experiences to offer. The nine day tour through Morocco usually includes the capital city of Casablanca, immortalised with the eponymous Oscar winning movie. Tours packages also cover the city of Fes, the cultural capital of the country and home to many buildings of the Marinid period. Ancient cities of Volubilis & Meknes are also included, and tourists are taken on a desert safari in the Sahara Desert, often on camelback.

2. The Portugal Tour

Tours to Portugal are the most exotic way you can spend your vacation. Portugal is Spain’s little cousin but packs a culture punch of its own. Most tour operators concentrate on attractions in the capital city of Lisbon, which is hands-down one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Belem quarters and the live Fado show are the two main attractions for tourists here. Sintra is also a stop on tours of Portugal, and the famous Romantic period castle of Pena is almost fairytale like. Finally, you can get your drink on at the Douro valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can have the best vintage wine in the world.

3. The Volga Tour

The two biggest Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are connected by an intricate network of rivers, canals and lakes and reservoirs. The river tours that run here are best for relaxing vacations where you want to party and also have a taste for culture. Visit the most important of Russian landmarks in the two cities, as well as a host of cities and charming villages in between. Guided tours of Moscow and St. Petersburg will take you to palaces, theatres and museums and the experience will last you a lifetime.


4. Netherland and Belgium Tour

This eight day tour is a delight for culinary and culture fans. The canals of Amsterdam and the windmills of Rotterdam are the perfect precursor to the waffle districts of Brussels. Brussels is also the capital of Europe and the site of the post-modern architectural new wave. Also on the itinerary are Hague, Antwerp and some scenic Belgian villages where you can enjoy the storied Belgian meadows and country.

These European tour packages are truly the tip of the iceberg and there are so many more places to see and explore and live. So don’t wait and book now for a vacation that everyone will envy you for!