Cool things to do while in Berlin


There exists a unique subculture in Berlin that is hard to find elsewhere. You see, when you travel to Berlin, you get the chance to do so many things which you thought were impossible to accomplish here. Some people even find these activities weird while others say they are sort of quirky. But in all this, one thing still remains. The city is quite entertaining in all its activities. So this list is an inspiration of what you should expect to accomplish or do once you land in Berlin.

The Berlin graffiti tour

If you love graffiti arts and would like to participate, perhaps the best thing to do in Berlin would be to join the graffiti tour & workshop which is organized by a group called Alternative Berlin. There is so much to learn if you are an artist who gets their inspiration from such drawing. However, keep in mind that there is always so much happening around the city that it would be difficult to catch up with all your favorite activities on the same day.

Buy items at Berlin’s vintage market


There are thousands of tourists who pay a visit to Mauerpark market every weekend. This booming number is actually having an effect on the market and the local economy in general. You should keep an eye on fashionable design stalls and vintage replicas which they sell. If the price at MauerPark puts you off, you can try RAW Flohmarket instead. This is a small area compared to its counterparts, although it’s still full of interesting activities, items, collectibles, and other things. You will also find cheap bargains here which can save your pocket a great deal.

Get to study Berlin’s past

Berlin has an interesting history which is recorded around World War II period. If you love history, you must not forget to dig into the history of the city under the Nazi rule. The city also underwent some major changes during the 30s and 40s. During this time, tour guides started organizing exhibitions such as the Mythos Germania exhibition which has really gained momentum.

The Berlin Underground is in charge of operating a number of tours under the city of Berlin. These underground routes pass through forgotten tunnels and bunkers around town. Also, when you visit Germania exhibition, you will find preserved photos portraying the state of Berlin before its destruction and reconstruction. This reconstruction project was commissioned by Hitler as part of his master plan to redeem it. Finally, Germania exhibition also has an actualized model which depicts how the city would have looked like if the dictator was allowed to have his way.

Visit a local family for a taste of Berlin’s local food

No doubt, the city has a great collection of restaurants which prepare mouth-watering meals. But you could also try home-made meals by the locals. This is usually organized by a website called AirBnB. In this arrangement, locals put up advertisement announcing that they homes or premises are open to hosting tourists. And when they host you, you get a chance to taste the local home-made food.

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