Cruise Connection – Getting Online while at Sea



It’s no secret nowadays that an increasing amount of travellers will be packing some kind of smartphone, tablet or laptop in amongst their sunscreen and shades. Alongside this comes the requirement to provide internet access and cell phone reception from all corners of the globe where possible – not just on land.

With cruises becoming more and more popular with a variety of different travellers, having online access available to patrons is becoming a necessity while on board the ship as well. Over time, more cruise liners have been joining the ranks among those who offer the services aboard their ships.

All Liners are not Connected Equal

Although there are a fair few liners that are now offering connection to the internet and cell service aboard, the speed, efficiency and quality can vary dramatically from liner to liner. The availability of the technology may depend entirely on where the liner normally makes its home port, and so it may have significantly older internet and cell technology than those liners that originate in more developed ports.

The Pricing Factor

Of course, internet on board a cruise ship is a fairly expensive feat to tackle, and the company needs to both draw the line and recoup the costs somewhere. The pricing put in place can also vary dramatically from liner to liner, depending on the technology available and what the company itself has invested in making the connection a possibility. Prices can be as low as a few pence per minute all the way up to dollars. Occasionally internet packages can be purchased, which works out to be better value.

Satellite Reliability

Of course, there isn’t any modem on the face of the planet that can provide wired or wireless internet from more than several feet away. This makes the internet solutions on board a moving vessel – especially one that heads off into relatively remote locales – rather limited. The one solution that is often employed is the use of satellite internet. The upside is internet on the go, from almost anywhere. The downside is slow speeds, and shadier reliability than the trusted land based internet options.

Workaround the Down Time

If you are searching for higher speeds, but keep struggling, there are workarounds that you can try out while on the ship to take advantage of lulls in the usage, such as late at night or while most passengers are on excursions. This may increase the speeds you experience, making it easier to connect. Additionally, most cruise liners piggyback off land based internet if it’s available when near land, so your connection may be better during times you’re sailing by shore. Unfortunately though, liners will just never have the same connection as land, so be prepared for slower speeds.

So in all, internet while on a cruise is definitely not out of the question. Cruise liners are all catching up to the expectations of patrons to be able to access internet from anywhere, anytime, and so they have added this additional customer service point to their repertoires. So now you can kick back, relax and take in the sights, without having to worry about being disconnected.