Easy Steps To Apply For A Singapore Visa

Singapore is a metropolitan Island, making it one of the busiest countries in South East Asia. The temperate weather, great attraction sites and many business opportunities are just a few reasons the country receives visitors by the millions. Most people find it an arduous task to access travel documents whenever they need to travel to any part of the world. However, One Visa helps to get PEP and advise that getting a Singapore visa is a rather straightforward task which anyone can do with ease. The procedure below applies.

Determine whether you need a Singapore Visa

Some countries do not need a visa to enter Singapore and if you are lucky to have come from such a region, then you will skip the easy process. However, all other people from the other regions will need to apply for this crucial document.  Others who need a visa include;

  • People with a refugee travel document from all middle east countries
  • People with a temporary passport from U.A.E.
  • Hong Kong I.D.

Confirm if you have all travel and medical documents

Ensuring that these crucial documents are ready will help you have an easy time processing the visa. Additionally, a passport with a longer validity will come in handy if one needs to stay a little longer. When it comes to medical documents, visitors are required to have a yellow fever vaccination, particularly those who have been to countries with such an endemic.

Fill visa application forms

The three-page form is easy to fill and one can download it online with ease. If not, it is available for free at any Singapore mission. The other documents one will need to submit alongside the filled forms include:

  • A recently taken passport size photo
  • Photocopy of the passport page with biodata
  • An introduction letter (with your local contact)

Assistance by authorized visa agents

Filling a form is easy but one will need the assistance of an authorized visa agent to submit the form on their behalf. They use the ‘Submission of Application of Visa Electronically’ or SAVE as it’s commonly known. Other agents who have the rights to access the portal include strategic partners. Lastly, the local contact person can submit the form for you.

When it comes to the letter of introduction, the agent will need to write it for you, or your embassy in Singapore, or the one that handles Singapore matters. At this point, one may be asked to provide necessary documents and as such they must do so.

Making the payments

Depending on the process you are using, paying the SGD 30 required for the visa is very easy. If using the online method, you will have to pay using a MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card. Sometimes, they ask you for a security deposit of SGD of 1,000 which is refundable on the condition one does not break the agreements as stated by security bonds.

The visa

It takes approximately one working day to process the visa. This does not include the day the application was submitted, holiday or weekend. Once the visa is approved, you or your agent can print a copy of the electronic visa.

Lastly but not least, the visa has a 30-day validity and can be extended at the immigration department for ninety more days.