How New York City Will Change You

Many of us dream of living in New York City, and only a few of us make it there. However, no matter if you have the heart to stay, everyone should visit this incredible city at least once in their lives. With its intense culture and deep history, knowing the real New York City will truly change yours for the better.

The Truest Form of Inspiration

NYC may be a nesting ground for weirdos, but those weirdos are the truest to their heart and abilities. The art and theatre in New York City is always changing, including high-budget Broadway shows to Off Broadway gems. Regardless of budget, the artists that you find in New York City could truly change your perception of beauty.

The Epitome of Culture

If you visit New York City and never leave Manhattan, it is impossible to experience the culture that is saturated throughout. The other four boroughs – Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx – have their own individual flavor, ethnic background, and culture. See the Brooklyn Zoo, a spooky ship graveyard in Staten Island, and a variety of small, community-based history museums. With concentrated cultural areas like Little Italy and Chinatown, there is something for everyone in this magnetic melting pot.

Perfection for the Foodies

New York City is more than historical monuments and Central Park sunset tours: it is also for foodies. You could fill a week’s’ time just with eating at all the restaurants in the city. From luxurious celebrity hotspots to mom-and-pop joints that will remind of you of your mother’s home cooking, there are more than just $1 pizza deals and food carts in NYC.

There is little to no reason to visit national chains and restaurants with famous names while in NYC. You can live there for several years and only visit truly homemade eateries. While iconic places like the Katz Deli are a must for anyone, visitor and resident alike, new names such as Pomme Frites in the East Village are the ‘holes in the wall’ that you need to try.

An Accepting Attitude

While some would argue that New Yorkers are simply so used to unconventional that they ignore it, you can still count on the ability to be yourself in New York City. From outlandish fashion to futuristic modern art, you can express yourself in a way that makes you happy and comfortable.

Cherishing the View

The skyline of New York City reminds you why you’re here on Earth, and can really help you remember how beautiful the world is. Whether you are in the lush Central Park or getting a full view of Manhattan from atop the Chrysler Building, New York City’s views are truly astonishing and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

When you visit New York City, it can be hard to see everything at once. Due to the nature of this ever-changing city, it is possible to visit each year for the rest of your life and never see the same attraction twice. From hidden gems to fan-favorite attractions, New York City is going to change how you see the world and how much you love yourself.