Join Andrea Drummer For A Great Experience At Original Cannabis Cafe

When it comes to food and drink, many people are looking for all sorts of new opportunities to examine this much lauded industry and have a good time. People love the idea there’s types of foods and drinks they have not explored before. They also love the idea that they can turn to experts for help in learning about dining experiences that can make their lives better. One expert is taking the very concept of dining in an all new direction that has not been seen before the United States. Andrea Drummer has spent lots of time thinking about how to make dinners happy and help them think about food in a brand new way. She knows that people look to her for help in seeing what they want when the head out for a nice time in a restaurant. With that in mind, it is not surprising that her new venture has brought in many kudos and lots of very pleased clients.

Starting a New Venture

Chef Andrea Drummer first realized the power of cannabis many years ago. As she started to cook with it, she started to think about how she could take that idea to the next level. That idea led her to consider thinking about starting a cannabis restaurant. The notion of a cannabis restaurant was one that she knew could take the culinary world in a whole new direction. She wanted to help her clients think about a dining experience that might be centered around the use of this drug. At the same time, she also wanted a space that would allow everyone, even those who choose not to make use of this substance, to be part of the experience. Her concept of a cannabis restaurant was rapidly taking shape and just about ready for the public.

Getting a Menu in Shape

Getting a menu in shape has been her motivation. She wants to ensure that the food she serves is food that allows people to fully enjoy the use of cannabis. With that in mind, she looked at foods that could allow people to enjoy eating while they are using cannabis. Her cannabis restaurant┬áplaces an emphasis on the overall experience of eating and consuming marijuana. It’s also about exploring the world of food. She wants people to learn to love the world of varied types of food as much as she does and appreciate how tastes of all kinds can be combined to make the tongue sing with delight. Her menu has been carefully designed to bring in the best of modern day cuisine. She emphasizes foods ranging from small appetizers to main courses and a very large selection of different kinds of desserts.

So Many Marvelous Choices

So many wonderful choices greet diners here at the Original Cannabis Cafe. Someone might choose to start off with an appetizer of grilled peaches combined with creamy, delicious burrata. They might then look to the menu for a chance to eat a main course that emphasizes the savory part of the taste buds. A fried chicken sandwich has been expertly fried by the chef. She knows how to ensure that the results are not greasy and the entire chicken is fried well. One of the many joys of eating here is also the fact that the menu has a large selection of all kinds of different desserts. Luscious items like candied bacon allow people to combine savory and sweet to the benefit of both. This is one restaurant that people should visit when in search of something very special.