Lifechanging Travel Destinations

At the beginning of every year, travellers resolve to visit more countries, and to tick off exciting and new destinations off their bucket lists. In every part of the world, there are far flung islands and never-sleeping metropolitans. . . the possibilities are simply unlimited! Want a life-altering traveling experience? Immerse yourself in lively cultures, eye-pleasing scenic views and never-ending adventures. Get out of your comfort zone and seek a new outlook on life!

Kyoto- Japan

Japan is known as an ever-busy country! But, if you’re looking for a place where the high-speed trains and LED-lit streets are not overpowering, you have to head to Kyoto. This spot is the capital of temples and pagodas, and you can assist a tea ceremony which lasts for hours. As a visitor, you will be able to contemplate on life’s mysteries by taking a stroll along the Philosophers’ Path- it happens to be under cherry trees, temps and shrines.

One of the zen temples even lets you embrace mindfulness and let you meditate. If that’s your kind of thing, the perfect temple is Shunkoin. This temple offers guestroom services and have talks in different languages about the mind and how to cleanse it. Don’t worry, you won’t be cut out of the world. . . one of the monks is an active tweeter!

Machu Picchu- Peru

If you’re afraid of heights, then this destination is not for you! But, if you’re a thrill seeker and brave hiker, then Machu Picchu is heaven on earth! Found in Peru, these Incan untouched ruins are located in the Andes Mountains. It is simply the best known archaeological site of South America, and the most anticipated highpoint of a Peru trip.

Even if more and more people have discovered this wonderful after years of it being isolated, it still breathes an air of mystery and is a surprising adventure for daily visitors. It is still unknown why these astronomically-aligned structures were made. For adventurers, it is just the perfect location to admire breath-taking views of the valley of Urubamba. You can expect to feel an adrenaline rush as you climb down this valley. . . want to prepare yourself for the action? You can get a glimpse of what it might be like by playing action packed slots at Give Back Bingo.  You can feel the excitement and get into a vigorous mood on the reels of games like Amazon Queen slots, Sword of Destiny slots and Montezuma slots.

Rio De Janeiro- Brazil

In Brazil’s marvellous city, you can go for an urban hike. The seas, mountains, forests and beaches are bounded together to make Rio De Janeiro a tourist’s paradise. Looking for some thrill? You can climb up Christ the Redeemer’s perch through Corcovado Mountain’s lush rainforest. Alongside the way, you might even see the monkeys and rare insects. Want to chill? You can take a sea at the Copacabana Beach or you can join the Spring Carnival festivities. You can even experience the nightlife by enjoying music in the local pubs. If you live the carefree lifestyle, you can quickly befriend the locals.

Anytime you want to experience a different way of living life, save up and list these places in your travelling agenda!