Reasons Why You Need to Visit Barcelona Right This Minute

If you haven’t been to Barcelona yet then you need to get it on your ‘places to visit list‘ as soon as possible. This amazing, cosmopolitan and vibrant city is in the north of Spain and it is the capital of Catalunya. Barcelona offers tourists an incredible stay regardless of your budget or how much time you can afford to spend there and here are 10 reasons why you need to head to Barcelona at your earliest convenience.

The Cathedral

La Sagrada Familia is an astonishing piece of architecture, under construction for over 120 years due its intricacy the cathedral designed by Antoni Gaudi is a gothic masterpiece. Although it still remains unfinished, tourists can still see enough of the construction to be blown away and you can take a trip inside to fully embrace this outstanding design.

The Tours

There are so many different types of tours throughout the city, you can see the city on a bike tour, enjoy La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell with a guide or even take a private tour of the vast art museums in Barcelona. Whatever your bag is, Barcelona has got you covered and with hundreds of tor operators waiting to show you round, you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

The Food

Catalan cuisine is very similar to the Mediterranean diet, plenty of oil, vegetables, fresh seafood and tasty breads. Here you will find lots of tapas, these are small dishes of which you will eat 3 or 4 per meal, this gives you a chance to try plenty of different food in one sitting. The culture is to eat slow and enjoy the food here and it is the perfect way to drink in the surroundings.

The Art

Aside from the wonderful art museums that they have in Barcelona such as the Picasso Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, the city on the whole is an artistic offering. The architecture throughout the city, heavily influenced by the like of Gaudi and Salvatore Dali is what really sets Barcelona apart from other European cities.

The Football

Barcelona FC are one of the biggest football clubs in the World and their stadium, the Nou Camp is an electric and lively place to enjoy some of the finest football that you will see. Even if you aren’t here when there is a match on, the tour of the stadium is something that you simply must do.

The Climate

The climate is warm for most of the year in Barcelona, rarely scorching but equally, rarely cold. This mild climate means that whatever time of year you go, you will be able to comfortably wander the streets without too much heavy clothing.

The Landscape

Barcelona sits on the coast and has some beautiful beaches, it also has a stunning harbor where you can wander the wooden deck and enviously peer at the millionaire yachts that port here. The streets of Barcelona are mazy and quaint and behind the city you have the opportunity to get out into nature in the Serra de Collserola national park. The varying landscape is just another reason why you need to get to Barcelona.