Slightly Different Vacation Ideas For 2018

Are you getting a little bit bored with spending 2 weeks on a beach in the same place each year? Perhaps you would say not but with so many other vacation ideas out there, don’t you think that it could be time for a change? If the answer to this is yes then we have some really cool and slightly different vacation ideas for your 2018 trip, that differ from the usual fortnight in the sun.

You may have already indulged in some of these trips but if not, they could serve as some new ideas for your next vacation.


Cruises have a reputation for being filled with the oldie generation but this is simply not the case. Cruise ships are a great way to take a vacation as you can see many different destinations in the same trip. Cruise ships are also fully geared up for you to enjoy your time on board and many of them feature nightclubs, casinos, theaters and many swimming pools for you to enjoy. Another myth about cruises is that they cost an eye watering sum of money but again this is not the case and you can get a great deal on a cruise to spend your next vacation.

City Living

A lot of people like to spend their long vacations on the beach and weekend breaks to see cities but it doesn’t have to be this way and you could spend your vacation unearthing a new city. Across the world there are some amazing cities which you could choose to visit for a week or two and really experience it rather than simply dipping your toe on a weekend break. The other beauty of city trips is that they will usually have an international airport and you can find some great prices for flights to these big cities.


Why not  really ramp up the adventure on your next break and indulge in some sporting action as part of your vacation. The type of activity which you do will depend very much on what kind of things you like but you could go on a skiing vacation, a kayaking adventure or even an adrenalin fueled visit to somewhere such as New Zealand where you can bungee jump, skydive and raft your way through your vacation.

Multi Stop

Vacations are about taking a break from daily life and there is nothing stopping you from doing just that, but traveling between a few different places as you go. Europe for example is a great continent which you can travel between with ease and experience a few different destinations on your vacation. As long as you plan your trip in the right way, you can ensure that you have enough time to relax, and enough time to do some traveling in between. A trip like this will ensure that you get enough time to relax yourself before heading back to the real world, and gives you the added benefit of seeing multiple places in a single trip.