Take An Epic Family Vacation By Train and Experience Something New


The ease of train travel combined with the thrill of exploring a new place equals an epic journey. Seasoned world explorers swear by the underrated pleasure of traveling on wheels. Besides being economical, flexible and environment-friendly, it offers the vintage travel experience, which not many modes of transport can match.

We give you five reasons why your next international trip with family and loved ones should be a rail journey powered by International Rail:

1) Ease of Travel

Compared to air travel, a rail journey allows voyagers ‘more room’. More room to bring the luggage, keep the luggage, spread your legs, stretch your spine, open the window, and walk around in the coach and a lot more. The sense of ease, comfort and freedom that a train provides makes travelling an enjoyable experience in itself; especially if you are travelling with family or with a large group.

2) Easy on the Pocket

One of the hacks shared by many tourists is relying on trains for inter and intra-city travel needs. Why? It is mainly because rail journeys are far more economical when compared to the same route via airplanes. For instance, a train ride from France to Germany would end up being significantly cheaper than a plane ride.

3) Multiple Options

Not each city, village or town in the world has an airport. However, many countries across the world have extensive rail networks that pass through the remotest villages, rivers, mountains and deserts. Therefore, you can throw a dart on a map to pick your next travel destination, if you have International Rail’s passes in your hand. To name a few, you can book train tickets to Australia, Japan, Vietnam, South Africa, United States, or Europe. For each country, there are multiple consecutive and flexi rail passes available which can be purchased as per your travel needs.

4) Journey and Destination, both equally adventurous

Generally, a vacation starts when you reach your destination. However, when you travel by train, the vacation mode is on right from the beginning of the journey. Whether it is picture post-card pretty Ireland, the astounding alpine landscapes of Switzerland, or the Australian outback & coast, you and your family will enjoy the journey as much as the actual destination.

5) Special Deals and Discounts

There’s no dearth of discounts and special concessions when traveling by train. You only need to look in the right place to get the best deals. International Rail has a range of low-season passes, youth and senior fares, and free kids’ passes (with adult tickets), which make travelling with family very affordable.

So, book your tickets, and get ready for a trip where the journey is as memorable as the destination!