Top 5 Things to Do in Udaipur

Let’s see how sharp is your observational skills!

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In that case, you must be thinking about planning your next trip to one of the enchanting places in India that would send a chill down your spine as you find your way down the pages of history and discover the tales of the past, right? Well, if this is exactly what you are thinking, then Udaipur, the Blue City, would be a very good choice! Moreover, since there are endless things that can give you enjoyment in Udaipur, a visit to the City of Lakes should be a must!

  1. Explore the Breathtaking City Palace:Udaipur boasts of the City Palace which is the largest of its kind in Rajasthan. Not only is it popular among the Indians who simply look for an excuse to shoot their films at this breathtaking location, but is internally acclaimed. So, when you visit Udaipur, you would definitely want to spend some time marveling at the beauty of that palace whose walls your favourite actor had touched so many times, right? Jokes apart, you would be able to witness the true history of the rise and fall of the ravishing city of Udaipur from the artifacts and collections on display at the museum.
  2. Sit by the Lake Pichola: After a long day of travel when your legs beg you to give them a rest, visit the banks of Lake Picholaand spend some time in introspection. While the birds dot the sky as they fly towards their abodes and the cool breeze soothes your weariness away, you can sip one of the best coffee in the world while watching the sun’s reflection on the serene waters fade gradually.
  3. Chat with your Friends at Saheliyon Ki Bari:As the name itself suggests, when you visit Saheliyon Ki Bari, the first thing that would strike your mind is the fact that despite the use of water pumps, the architects of the past had designed waterfalls all along this place to welcome you in a refreshing manner. By the time you speak to the guides and learn about the use of the hydraulic principle, your mind would have wandered off to the beautiful gardens where you can sit down for a while and keep dreaming.
  4. Spend Some Time at the Vintage and Classic Car Museum:Old is definitely gold, and you will realise this more when the vintage cars at the Vintage and Classic Car Museum will display their glamour to you. As you roam about frantically not being able to wait to click a selfie which each model, the vintage atmosphere will overpower you so much that you will be compelled to think about buying a vintage car for yourself once you return home.
  5. Experience the Culture of Rajasthan at Shilpagram:Shilpagram, a renowned project, is an artistic wonder in Udaipur. As the Rajasthani folk music allures you to step into the hidden doors of this venture, the colourful interiors will leave you spellbound. With the ethnic and cultural artifacts displayed all along, you will get a feeling of happiness that even you can’t think of right now. And, if you’re in time for the Puppet Dance and the Folk-Dance presentation, you will surely feel like your trip to Udaipur was a success.

Well, now that you have learnt about the top 5 places in Udaipur that can truly leave you spellbound, don’t you think you should avail the Indigo flight booking and others so that you can experience the culture of Rajasthan, especially Udaipur, to its excellence?