What Are The Best Rides To Use Your FastPass on in the Magic Kingdom?

If you are planning to take your family on a trip to Disney World in Florida this year, the Magic Kingdom is a theme park which should not be missed. If you do decide to visit the Magic Kingdom however, you must be prepare ahead of your trip.

For most people, Florida is a breakneck vacation which requires smart planning and a well organised approach, in order to ensure that you see all of the main attractions, and Disney is no different. You will be surprised at just how quickly the time goes in the Disney complex and in just a few hours, your time in the park could be over.

One thing that the Magic Kingdom offers to all guests is the Fast Pass, a chance for you to visit rides and attractions, without waiting in the lengthy queues. The only downside to this pass, is that everyone has one and so they generally target the same attractions when they select which ride they want fast access to. In order for you to avoid missing out when it comes to selecting your fast pass choices, here are the best rides to choose to save you the most time, and give you the best experience.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Whilst it isn’t in my view the greatest ride in the Magic Kingdom, there is no doubt that the Magic Kingdom Mine Train, is the first place that you should be looking to put down your Fast Pass. More often than not, this runaway train-themed ride is the first to get booked up for the Fast Pass and you must remember that there are only a certain amount of slots available. If you want to enjoy this topsy-turvy juggernaut of a ride, with incredible graphics, you need to select your Fast Pass early.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Set in the Frontierland section of the Magic Kingdom, the Thunder Mountain Railroad is the ultimate gold train runaway adventure. The ride itself is high adrenalin for the Magic Kingdom and both adults and kids will love the thrilling nature of this ride. Even the queue is a spectacle on this ride as you pass through gold mine offices with interactive mechanical details that makes waiting a pleasure. This too is a ride which gets booked up very quickly so use your Fast Pass on it as soon as you enter the park.

Space Mountain

Not only one of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular rides but also one of the most iconic attractions in the Disney family, Space Mountain is a ride which many look forward to experiencing. The idea of the ride is that you are a space commander in charge of a small ship which speeds through a twisting and turning track. What makes Space Mountain so exhilarating is that the ride is carried out in the dark, with just a few chinks of light to guide you between the bends, twists and turns that the ride takes you through. Space Mountain does have lulls in towards closing time but if you want to guarantee yourself a ticket to this adventure, be sure to use your Fast Pass.