What are the places to visit in Kota?

Kota is the city present in Rajasthan. It is famous for many paintings, the establishment of museums, various rivers, the presence of wildlife Sanctuaries, art pieces, and variou temples making, the people have full enjoyment so that they can have the best trip possible. A trip gets more beautiful when you have the right company, and you can avail the benefits of having it in a means that you should have the experience that you can never forget. The trip should be memorable enough so that you can relish the moments that it provides. There are many places in Kota for tourists to visit but these all can be visited, after a great stay. Maheshwari resort Kota gives you a royal stay making it possible for you to have the thrilling experience of Kota.


  1. Park of seven wonders – the park having seven wonders is established and it is not so old. It is a new establishment to know the specialties of the seven wonders. This is the place which makes Kota must visit. Also, it is a good means to see the seven wonders in this park if you feel difficult to visit all the seven wonders separately.


  1. Palace of jag mandir and lake of Kishor Sagar – lake of Kishor Sagar is a picture que wHich is artificial and constructed. It is near the museum of Brij vasi. The palace where jag mandir is established has the heart of the place, Kota, making it beneficial for people to enjoy the monument beauty which is of rees color stone.


  1. Garadia temple of Mahadev – this location is known for the view that it provides and make it a beautiful place to visit in Kota for tourist. The temple of Mahadev is a place of worshipping having the significance of the religion of Hinduism but it also provides you with a beautiful scenic view wHich makes it a special place for tourists to visit in the duty of Kota.


  1. Dam of Kota – Kota barrage is the dam of Kota which is popular in the means that is special for the beautiful evenings that people come and spend there with so many birds chirping and soothing air because of the water of the dam. It is near to the main area of the city and has been established in the river giving it beautiful vibes to spend time with.


  1. Gardens of the chamber – the garden of Chambal is a beautiful garden that makes it beneficial as a means to visit the beauty of the Kota. It is one of the spots where people love to come along with their families for a picnic. It has the specialty of having all pots that are maintained well having the residence of crocodiles also.


  1. Khade temple of Ganesh Ji – it is believed that the temple of Ganesh Ji is the oldest. It is about 600 years old making it beneficial for the people to visit and worship them to get their wishes fulfilled. These temples which have passed for many years make it essential to work by their heart taking and respecting the rituals.


  1. Palace of the city–  this palace is situated which the specialization of the arts of Mughal and the people of Rajasthan. These monuments have so many glorious royal city parts making it beautiful to remember as Koya city. This palace of Kota has much beautiful attraction which attracts tourist to reside in their keeping in mind the point that they can ensure the royal parts and the quality considering the city of Kota.


  1. The art of kaithoon – kaithoon is the famous artwork of Rajasthan and Kota is no exception. Kota is famous for the stream of kaithoon. These are hand woven and provide the best sarees that are designer. Kota is ruled by waving and real gold threads have been used for this purpose. Kota is famous for the sarees that are hand woven.


  1. Temple of Godavari Dham – this temple is famous for the worshipping of hanuman Ji making it important and auspicious for the people of religion having strong beliefs and giving them a chance to come and worship there making it more beautifully important.


  1. Waterfall of gaipernath – this waterfall is present in Kota city making it a place which is known as the place where people come for various kinds of activities like trekking, for enjoying a picnic with the family, making it beneficial for spending the leisure time. Nature lovers also find it a pretty place to have it all and see all the experiences and capture the looks of nature. 


  1. Museum of government in Kota – this government museum gives all the benefits of having things that are considered important in the means of the fact that they can enjoy the religion and history of the culture of Rajasthan shown there making it essentially organized for the people to know more about this.


  1. Wildlife sanctuary of Darrah – this sanctuary of wildlife is in Kota city making it more beautiful in terms of that but can gain so many benefits providing it essential to have the opportunity to see the species which have been rare for some time. It makes it essential to visit here because of the experience of so many exotic species making it the beauty of Kota.


In the end, it can be concluded that Kota is a beautiful city which is in Rajasthan making it a beautiful city to have the opportunity to know about the future and tradition of our state Rajasthan. Also, it has many resorts where you can reside in. Maheshwari resort Kota gives you the royal stay. And it helps you in enjoy your trip and have a relaxing period in their resort. You need to have the trip that you can remember for years making it beautiful for your stay and have the experience that you can further relish in the coming years.