Why Buying Your Orlando Park Tickets Online Makes So Much Sense

If you plan to visit Orlando this year then the best way to make sure that you maximize every moment of this trip is to get your preparation right. Planning for this trip is the only way to squeeze every last drop out of it and you need to ensure that you’re on the front foot when it comes to your travel plans. This means working out your itinerary early, getting your car rental arranged, working out which parks you plan to visit and then getting your tickets booked online before you go. This final piece of planning is something which many overlook but getting your tickets online is very important, and here is why.


It can be rare for theme parks to be full up but there are often some days throughout the summer months when these theme parks can reach their full capacity. When you are on a vacation like this you need it to run like clockwork in order to hit everywhere that you have planned to, which is why not being able to enter the park is simply not an option. When you buy online before you go you can travel safe in the knowledge that you have a place, and that you have your tickets in hand for the big day.

Saving Money

If you have a quick search online you’ll find that there are many third party companies who can offer you discounted tickets to parks like Disney World and Universal Studios to name just a couple. In fact we bought tickets to Universal Studios in Orlando last year before we left, and the discount was almost 20% cheaper than if we’d bought them directly from the park. A vacation like this is already going to be an expensive one so finding ways of saving money is always going to be a good idea. Buy your tickets online and count on some great savings.


You can expect to spend much of your time at the theme parks waiting in lines, like it or not this is just a fact of life and unless you plan to spend money on queue jumpers, it is par for the course. One line which you don’t have to wait in however is the line at the entrance for buying tickets, not if you have bought them in advance online. When you arrive at the park there will be a line for those buying, and a far shorter and faster moving line for those who already have their tickets locked down. Be smart and get your tickets online before you leave home, download them to your smartphone or print them off, and then waltz past the line of people looking to buy, and get the jump on being first to the rides.

We know that you’ll have a lot preparations to make ahead of this trip, just make sure that buying your park tickets online is part of those plans.