Why Honeymoon Yacht Charters are the Hottest New Trend

A honeymoon yacht charter is the ultimate way to begin married life. As your luxury yacht floats away from land, the world stills, all the organization stress of the wedding falls away, and you enter a luxurious private haven where you and your partner are the only people who matter in the world.

On a honeymoon yacht charter, you’re surrounded by sparkling seas and sunny skies, dropping anchor in secluded coves, having luxury picnics on perfect sandbars, and strolling through exotic ports, where donkeys wander past Hermes and Chanel boutiques on palm-lined streets.

The memories on a honeymoon yacht charter will last a lifetime, as you dive off the swim platform for a snorkel before breakfast, have a late afternoon massage in an overwater spa bungalow, or take a sunset walk along a tropical beach, coconuts washing up on the shore. Long romantic nights are spent having candlelit dinners on deck, or relaxing in the Jacuzzi with a bottle of champagne under starlit skies, planning your life together.

If you want some excitement on your honeymoon, a yacht charter delivers in style – whether that’s going for a night dive with sharks in the Maldives, hiking up to an active volcanic crater in Sicily, or kayaking through icebergs in Alaska. Private yachts also carry a wide array of watertoys to provide fun and adrenaline on the water during your charter – from jetpacks and jetskis to waterslides and even submarines.

Your crew are on hand to deliver the honeymoon that dreams are made of, delivering seven star service that never feels intrusive. The captain and private chef will come to you each morning at breakfast to discuss the activities and menus for the day, the interior crew will serve meals at beautifully dressed tables and keep your palatial master suite looking spotless, and the deck crew will teach you watersports and drop you ashore in the high-speed tender. Some yachts also have specialist crew members, such as masseuses and beauticians, dive instructors and fitness gurus.

A honeymoon yacht charter provides a level of privacy and exclusivity that cannot be matched in a hotel, and a glamorous means of effortless travel that cannot be found in any upscale villa or resort. A hotel or villa honeymoon means you’ll have to get in a taxi or shuttle to travel to the sights, and if you want to explore other islands, you’ll have to either move hotels, or spend your days on ferries or local airports. On a yacht honeymoon charter, you just unpack once (or let the stewardess unpack for you), and then sit back as the yacht floats from one stunning destination to the next.

A superyacht charter offers the best of all honeymoon holidays, creating an oasis of privacy, luxury, and adventure. What better way to start your lives together than with a honeymoon yacht charter?