Wireless Internet – In The Palm Of Your Hand With TEP Wireless!




If you’re like me, you’re an intrepid world traveller who has a smart phone and you like to stay connected everywhere you go, pretty much on demand. That can be a pretty big problem if also, like me, you are the world’s worst person for getting a local SIM card the minute you get into the country. It’s normally as I’m about to leave that I even consider it – but by then it’s always too late and I’ve spent a lot of my trip always hunting for wifi hotspots I can connect to, and hunkering down there to check messages, Facebook and emails.

The Cons Of Your Current Provider

Relying on hot spots can be a bit of a bear, especially if you’re travelling somewhere that your phone provider in your home country covers. You might not consider the price of connecting while abroad when you aren’t by wifi, and trust me, this can be almost
, even if you’re roaming in your own home country! There’s the added risk there of not disconnecting properly, racking up an absolutely massive bill for yourself for what you thought was going to be only a few minutes of connectivity. This is where the lifesaver – Tep Wireless comes in handy!

A Wireless Solution


Tep is a great wireless solution that you can access almost anywhere in the world. From Canada and the United States, extensive coverage throughout mainland and South East Asia, Australia, most of Central and South America and extensively throughout Europe, Tep is literally a little gadget you rent from the company and take with you on your travels, allowing you to access wireless internet from almost anywhere. It acts as a wifi modem in your hand, emitting a wireless signal up to fifteen feet around you, allowing you and your travelling buddy to connect seamlessly with your own unique password.

A Lifesaver!

This is ridiculously useful, if also like me, you enjoy getting off the beaten trail. All the places I tend to go end up being so far off the trail that I find myself in homestays, usually out back in a shack nearly with the chickens! Definitely no internet back there, but with Tep it’s simple to turn any rustic accommodation into a mini internet cafe for you and your friend (if you’re travelling with one). This little slice of luxury is often welcomed in some of the world’s most remote locales like the wilds of Russia or on the Bolivian Salt Plain when you need to answer that one urgent email from a client (and I did – you don’t want to be left in the lurch if you have people waiting on you!)


So I can definitely say that Tep Wireless is perfect for world travellers of all kinds, but most importantly those who take their work around and do it remotely such as travel bloggers or freelancers like myself who are constantly having to reply to emails from clients. This little slice of heaven changed my life, and I’ll never look back now. Especially since it means accessing the ever important internet for work and fun when you’re in the wildest of the wilds. Thanks Tep Wireless, knowing that I can still adventure around the globe, yet still keep in touch with my friends, and work online – I really do get the best of both worlds!